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Rural Vision

Rural revitalisation platform

The rural revitalisation platform aims to assemble, in one place, information and resources useful for rural communities facing population loss, ageing and demographic decline. 

What is the rural revitalisation platform? 

How is the rural revitalisation platform being developed? 

The European network for rural development assembled a thematic group on rural revitalisation that worked between December 2021 and June 2022 to:  

  • identify the enabling factors of rural revitalisation; 

  • build a self-assessment tool to design policies for rural revitalisation; 

  • make recommendations on how to structure the platform. 

More about the ENRD thematic group on rural revitalisation

The platform also builds on the experience of other initiatives such as projects on smart villages (Smartrural21, SmartRural27), European territorial cooperation (INTERREG), Territorial agenda pilots (Small places matter). 

You can find first elements of content of the future platform on this website. The Commission is working to implement the thematic group’s recommendations to develop a collaborative on-line platform providing two-way communication channels and interactive tools to facilitate experience sharing and mutual learning. The rural pact support office to be established in 2023 will contribute with new content to the platform and organise relevant events. 

If you have good examples or practices to share, send an email with link to relevant information to

What are the enabling factors of rural revitalisation?

Self-assessment tool: Assess how your area is doing on these enabling factors

The thematic group has built a self-assessment tool with guiding questions to allow rural actors to identify the strong and weak points in their current situation. Results can be visualised through a proposed canvas. 

Discover the self-assessment tool