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Rural Vision
Article d’actualité19 janvier 2023Direction générale de l’agriculture et du développement rural, Direction générale de la politique régionale et urbaine

RURITAGE – For the regeneration of rural areas

“Looking across the world, rural communities tell us the story of a thousand of years of collaboration between nature and human society.*” And tells us how heritage is profoundly linked to understanding the opportunities in rural areas.  

RURITAGE is an EU-funded project that wants to turn rural areas into laboratories to demonstrate their cultural and natural heritage as an engine for sustainable rural growth.

The project has selected specific rural areas, recognised as prosperous cases, to serve as “role models” for regeneration through cultural and natural heritage. These practices are analysed to be further replicated in other local communities.

Cover picture of the "Policy recommendations" publication from RURITAGE

Check out this CORDIS article to find out more about the role of local stakeholders or about the project in more details.

*From the RURITAGE website