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Rural Vision

The Rural Pact

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Strengthened governance for EU rural areas

The Rural Pact is a framework for cooperation among authorities and stakeholders at the Europeannational, regional and local level. It contributes to achieving the shared goals of the long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas by facilitating interaction on rural matters between public authorities, civil society, businesses, academia and citizens.

Launched in December 2021, the Pact has been developed with other institutions, stakeholders and members of the Rural Pact community and the final proposal was endorsed at the Rural Pact conference on 15-16 June 2022. Elements of implementation such as the Rural Pact coordination group are still being elaborated and will come early 2023.

Read the endorsed Rural Pact proposal.

Objectives of the Rural Pact

Participants in the Rural Pact

Benefits of participating in the Rural Pact

Participating in the Pact means:

  • Contributing to keep rural areas high on the political agenda;
  • Sharing promising initiatives and learning from others;
  • Getting priority access to collaborative platform and events;
  • Being informed on developments on all themes of interest to rural life, including consultations.

The Rural Pact Support Office

The Rural Pact Support Office (RPSO) coordinates and implements the networking activities of the Rural Pact and its community with the ambition to achieve the Rural Pact objectives and the Long-term vision for EU’s rural areas. The RPSO is tasked for the next years to:

  • animate the members of the community as well as encourage and promote commitments to act;
  • identify and promote good practices that can inspire action in rural areas;
  • organise webinars for capacity building and peer learning, as well as high-level policy events;
  • support the meetings of the Rural Pact Coordination Group;
  • keep the community informed through the website, social media channels, the monthly newsletter and the annual Magazine.

The RPSO will build synergies and complementarities with all relevant EU policy networks and initiatives working on and for rural development to jointly contribute to stronger, connected, prosperous and resilient rural areas in Europe.

How to take part in the Rural Pact