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Rural Vision

Actions for resilient rural areas

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Under this block of actions, rural areas will benefit from actions to increase environmental, climatic and social resilience by storing carbon in peatland and wetlands, enhancing soil health and improving prospects for women and vulnerable groups.

The vision must promote sustainable resilience and inclusive development, and enhance the well-being of inhabitants.

Consultation activities for the long-term Vision

Flagship: Addressing climate change in peatland areas through carbon farming

Flagship: A soil deal for Europe

Flagship: Promoting social resilience and women in rural areas

Analysing spatial mobility and demographically declining areas in Europe

Three Horizon Europe funded projects starting in 2023 will:

  • analyse the demographic, economic, social and cultural effects of mobility in European countries, from a sending and receiving side;
  • envisage policies that counter brain drain and labour exploitation phenomena and enhance the joint building of human capital across regions and countries;
  • identify effective policies to promote rural development and sustainability and address regional inequalities.

Assessing the working conditions of farm workers

The Commission is conducting a study on the working conditions of workers in the agricultural sector that will:

  • assess the general situation of workers;
  • examine how Member States enforce effectively legislation on working conditions;
  • establish a baseline for the future assessment of the new social conditionality mechanism included in the CAP 2023-2027.

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Supporting the inclusion of migrants in rural areas

As part of the implementation of the Action plan on integration and inclusion 2021-2027, the Commission is exploring options to build rural partnerships to promote inclusion and integration of migrants in rural areas.

Several EU funded projects are already exploring migration in rural areas – Discover their work:

Ensuring equal opportunities for rural children

In 2021 the Council adopted a Recommendation establishing a European Child Guarantee (ECG). In line with this recommendation, Member States will work together to establish a common monitoring framework to assess the implementation, including indicators for rural areas.

In 2022, most Members States have submitted their actions plan for 2030 for implementation of the recommendation on the European Child Guarantee. The European Commission is reviewing progress and reporting to the Council.

Learn more about the European Child Guarantee.

Addressing the needs of people with disabilities

The Commission is implementing the Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030 in cooperation with the Member States and Civil society in particular organisation of persons with disabilities. The strategy will also support improved access to their rights in rural areas.

The Commission is working on a guide for Member States to improve independent living and inclusion in communities, as well as developing a specific framework for social services of excellence for persons with disabilities.

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Discover the REBOUND project!

REBOUND is a two-year project under the Erasmus+ programme, kicked off on 1 February 2022. It is led by the Technological University of the Shannon (formerly Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland) working with five partner organisations.

The aim of the project is to improve the resilience of rural communities, by analysing their needs and developing training programmes. These are turned into a pilot available for all.

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