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Rural Vision
Notícia31 de maio de 2023Direção-Geral da Agricultura e do Desenvolvimento Rural, Direção-Geral da Política Regional e Urbana

Digital skills – there is still room for improvement

In 2021, over one quarter (26%) of the EU population aged 16–74 years reported to have above-basic overall digital skills. For people living in rural areas this share was 20%, while a higher share was recorded for people living in cities (33%).

The overall digital skills indicator is a composite indicator based on five types of skills: information and data literacy skills, communication and collaboration skills, digital content creation skills, safety skills and problem-solving skills. One needs to reach above basic level in all 5 areas to accomplish above basic overall digital skills.

You can find more information on the Eurostat website.

Discover the actions for connected rural areas that are put in place as part of the Long-term vision for rural areas to improve connectivity and digital access.

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