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Rural Vision
News article1 December 2022Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development

A Czech Pact for Rural Development

The Ministry of Regional Development launched the "national" Rural Pact for Czechia during the "Joint Seminar on Community-led Local Development and Smart Villages" in Lednice on 28 October. 


We hope this first national rural pact will lead the way to many more rural cross-policy initiatives at national level.

Inspired by the European Rural Pact, the Czech Rural Pact aims at building a community of actors committed to working jointly for rural areas and at creating a strong single voice. 

The departure point is the rural development concept adopted by the Government in January 2020, which has been elaborated in a broad cooperation with multiple stakeholders, and which is mainly implemented through the Action Plans of the Czech Regional Development Strategy 2021+. It builds on a vision that in 2027, rural areas are places where one can live well and that are said to be good places to live in. It is structured around five strategic goals on people, settlements, environment, economy and planning and cooperation, and 17 more detailed objectives. The national rural pact aims to unite all relevant stakeholders in the fulfilment of these national goals.

Anyone in the Czech Republic who feels like acting for rural development is welcome to register to the Pact. Several associations representing regions, municipalities, local action groups, health sector, farming sector and others have already committed to join the pact with specific actions.  

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Publication date
1 December 2022
Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development