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Welcome the Rural Pact Support Office!

Get to know the newly established Rural Pact Support Office and the networking activities it will implement to animate the Rural Pact and its community.

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New perspectives on Rural Proofing

Read this article, by courtesy of William Parnell, freelance Policy Analyst and co-author of Proposals for an effective Rural Proofing model for Ireland, an independent report commissioned by the Irish Government to support the development of an effective rural proofing model for Ireland.

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REBOUND – Rural resilience

The REBOUND project aims at improving the resilience of rural communities, by analysing their needs and developing training programmes.

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Why would I live in a rural area?

Did you know that in 2020, approximately 1 in 10 persons (10.5%) living in rural areas of the EU stated that they suffered from noise?

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Education - Early leavers and further indicators

On 24 January, we celebrated the International Day of Education. One of the actions under the prosperous pillar of the Vision is to encourage education, training and employment opportunities for young people in rural areas.