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Rural Vision

Rural areas are the fabric of our society and the heartbeat of our economy. They are a core part of our identity and our economic potential. We will cherish and preserve our rural areas and invest in their future.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Action Plan

The action plan includes 30 actions implemented by 14 European commission departments working together in close cooperation. It is organised against the four pillars of the rural vision.

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Rural Pact

The Rural pact is a framework for cooperation between national, regional and local governments, civil society organisations, businesses, academics and citizens to act towards the shared goals of the rural vision. It has three objectives:

Amplifying rural voices and bring them higher on the political agenda

Structuring and enabling networking, collaboration & mutual learning

Encouraging and monitoring voluntary commitments to act for the vision

Learn more about the Rural pact.

Latest news

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Why would I live in a rural area?

Did you know that in 2020, approximately 1 in 10 persons (10.5%) living in rural areas of the EU stated that they suffered from noise?

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Education - Early leavers and further indicators

On 24 January, we celebrated the International Day of Education. One of the actions under the prosperous pillar of the Vision is to encourage education, training and employment opportunities for young people in rural areas.

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The Rural Europe publication is out

On 17 January Eurostat released its “Rural Europe” publication (together with the “Urban Europe one), featuring subnational statistics with different territorial typologies and using intuitive visualisations, innovative data presentations and concise text.

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